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Our Melbourne tax advisors provide tailored advice to individuals and business owners.
Tax is a significant cost – one of the biggest you face personally or in business. By working with our Melbourne tax consultants, you are accessing a highly skilled team able to advise on how to optimise net funds available for lifestyle, investment or business growth.

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Tax Assistance

Centre of Wealth Accounting Services  can provide timely and accurate advice on a range of tax matters which can result in effective tax strategies. Speak to Centre of Wealth Accounting Services about all your tax matters including GST, capital gains, Self Managed Super Funds taxation, investment properties, Fringe Benefits Tax, Small Business Tax Concessions, managing and preparing for taxation audits, business restructuring, Workcover and more.Ω

Self Managed Super Funds

Tax Planning

Centre of Wealth Accounting Services Tax Advice Melbourne arranges your taxation affairs to comply with tax law – this means you pay your tax at the lowest possible rate while receiving easytounderstand taxation advice. How much can a Centre of Wealth Accounting Services Accounting Services Tax Plan help reduce your tax liability?  Call and ask!



The ATO uses benchmarking, comparing the tax performance of entities across similar industry sectors, as a tool to identify organisations to audit. If you are outside the ATO benchmark for your industry – you increase the chance of an ATO audit. It’s easy to have Centre of Wealth Accounting Services Accounting complete a professional benchmark for your business and reduce the chance of an ATO audit. The process involves evaluating your annual turnover, expenses, and cost of sales. Are you within ATO benchmarks? Don’t wait till it’s too late – speak to us now. 

Taxation Advice

Business Start-Up

Do you know all the issues to consider when starting a business? Centre of Wealth Accounting Services  can assist you with:

· Business Structure
· Software Selection and Training
· General Tax Advice
· Bookkeeping Training
· Business Planning & evaluation
· Registrations
· Compliance


Selling your Business

It’s a complicated and often emotional time, with a range of factors you must consider including Capital Gains Tax and Tax Concessions. Centre of Wealth Accounting Services, our Melbourne tax advisors will work with you to help you understand these processes, so you receive the right outcomes from selling your business. 


Keeping all your accounting and financial documents in one place simply makes sense. Our accounting team will ensure you are in the best possible position this tax season.


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